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TOBY steering damper parts for your motorcycle

For more than 30 years Toby has been manufacturing steering dampers in its workshops located in Belgium.

Steering damper kits are available for more than 240 motorcycle models.

On this page you will find all Toby’s spare parts.

15C45220,00 mm45,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
15C55230,00 mm55,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
15C65250,00 mm65,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
15C80290,00 mm80,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
15C100330,00 mm100,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
15C120370,00 mm120,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
15C140410,00 mm140,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
15C160450,00 mm160,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
15C180490,00 mm180,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
Toby standard steering damper
55C45220,00 mm45,00 mmØ 8,00 mm10W15-28
55C55230,00 mm55,00 mmØ 8,00 mm10W15-28
55C65250,00 mm65,00 mmØ 8,00 mm10W15-28
55C80290,00 mm80,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
55C100330,00 mm100,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
55C120370,00 mm120,00 mmØ 8,00 mm2,5W15-28
Toby racing steering damper
MODEL PendulaireOIL
pendular damper
15 - 28Attache amortisseur rotule 8-22Damper clamp with ball-joint 8-2222,00 mm
15 - 29Attache amortisseur rotule 8-25Damper clamp with ball-joint 8-2525,00 mm
15 - 37Attache amortisseur rotule 8-30Damper clamp with ball-joint 8-3030,00 mm
15 - 30Attache amortisseur rotule 8-35Damper clamp with ball-joint 8-3535,00 mm
15 - 31Attache amortisseur embout à rotule M6 Damper clamp with ball-joint M6
15 - 32Attache amortisseur embout à rotule M8Damper clamp with ball-joint M8
15 - 33Attache amortisseur rotule 8-90°Damper clamp with ball-joint 8-90°27,50 mm
15 - 34Attache amortisseur rotule 8-40Damper clamp with ball-joint 8-4040,00 mm
15 - 35Attache amortisseur 90°-M8 DécaléDamper clamp 90°-M8 Shift24,50 mm
15 - 36Attache amortisseur 90°-M8 CentréeDamper clamp 90°-M8 Centre24,50 mm
Toby damper clamp
15P1-…Bride de fourche 1 PièceFork clamp 1 PieceØ 35,00 mm ∞ 58,00 mm
15P2-…Bride de fourche 2 PiècesFork clamp 2 PiecesØ 35,00 mm ∞ 56,00 mm
Toby fork clamp
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